How and Where to Earn a PhD Online

How and Where to Earn a PhD Online

Most individuals at some point in their lives will go to college and take at least a few courses, some earning an associate’s degree, others earning a bachelor’s degree; however, earning the prestigious doctorate degree (e.g. Ph.D., Ed.D, M.D. , J.D., etc.) is generally considered the apex of one’s goals in life. The most commonly earned doctoral degree, though, is the “Doctor of Philosophy” degree (“Ph.D.”), which is bestowed upon a person deeply dedicated in the arts and sciences, like biology, English, or psychology. Having the capacity to obtain a doctorate, for many, is like reaching the sky: it is challenging, very time consuming, and costly. Because of these factors, online schools started sprouting up to offer individuals who did not have the ability to earn a PhD at a regional campus the opportunity to obtain one completely at his computer. Individuals who have already earned a master’s degree but would like to have the awesome “doctor” title in front of their names can do so by receiving their doctorate degrees online.

Online degrees are only a few years old, and if a person were to bring up the subject matter three to five years ago to someone else, he probably would recommend the individual seek psychiatric treatment. Today, though, people regularly take doctoral courses online, provided they have the diligence, tuition costs, and a quick Internet speed. Doctoral students typically sign on to a website with their login IDs, which professors monitor for attendance purposes and making sure students do their own class work. Attendance can be done at any time the student wants, though. It is paramount to realize that a doctoral degree, even though it is offered online, will require: a dissertation (needed to be completed at a regional campus perhaps), tons of outside research, possibly a residency or internship at a local college or hospital, comprehensive exams, and other tedious tasks. However, you will have that amazing “Dr.” title, so these hurdles are just tiny obstacles.

Below are some of the most prominent online schools and the Ph.D. programs they offer:

  1. Capella University: Organization and Management, Human Services, Psychology, and Education
  2. Walden University: Applied Management and Decision Sciences, Education, Public Health, Health and Human Services, and Public Policy
  3. The University of Phoenix: Business Administration, Management, Education, and Health Administration
  4. University of the Rockies: Criminology, Business Psychology, Organizational Leadership/ Diversity/ Consulting, Executive Coaching, and Psychology

It is extremely important to check that the programs are accredited before you make a decision to attend an online university, because if you ever want to transfer the credits to a regional college, they will want them to be considered accredited. Also, if the program to which you are applying is one that requires licensure, make sure that your state recognizes it. Regardless, online schooling is a form of education that will continue to grow, thanks mainly to a large amount of people not being able to attend traditional classroom lectures.