Dissertation Index: How Can It Help You in Dissertation Writing?

Dissertation Index: How Can It Help You in Dissertation Writing?

You look at a dissertation index and think that it can be hardly of any use for you: indeed, you see an authors surname, a title, a university… However, a dissertation index can be of great use for you. In this article, we discuss effective work with a dissertation index.

If you have already started working on your dissertation or are now carrying out a research, you have probably felt how important it is to find enough information for your investigation. After you have worked with books and articles, you recollect that there is one more source of scholarly information: past years dissertations. With the help of dissertation indices, you will find necessary past years dissertations easily.

Whether you work with a printed dissertation index or a dissertation index online, you will find dissertations that you may be interested in quite easily: they are organized conveniently. You can work with dissertation indices offered by:

  • ProQuest dissertation database, Dissertation.Com and other dissertation databases
  • Online libraries
  • Local libraries
  • University libraries
  • Libraries of societies and information centers

Though it seems that a dissertation index is not so informative, it is not so. When looking through dissertation titles, you can:

  • Pay attention to what dissertation topics other students have chosen. Analyze what questions are studied, how dissertation topics are formulated etc. In this sense, working with a dissertation index is a great source of inspiration.
  • Find dissertations that may contain valuable material for your research. From a dissertation title, you can understand what research an author has done. You will be able to get the full text of a dissertation and work with it.