Dissertation Length: Importance of Word Count in Your Project

Dissertation Length: Importance of Word Count in Your Project

Do you know that there are so many students who failed to defend their dissertations just because they could not choose an appropriate dissertation length? Yes, there are many cases when the committee rejected a properly chosen idea for a dissertation because students exceeded or, vice versa, reduced the required number of words. In this article, several graduating students are eager to share their experience concerning the importance of dissertation length.

Chris: “When I started writing a dissertation project, I was sure that I could achieve good results. The topic I chosen was interesting and easy to investigate, and my supervisor was ready to help me. I tried to consider all requirements set, the only point I neglected was the dissertation length.

It should be about 80 pages. But I was so involved into the writing process, that I could not even think that the idea of dissertation length was so crucial. I introduced a project of 100 pages, and the committee rejected it. So, I had to reduce the number of words and use an appropriate dissertation length.”

Ella: “I could never believe that the idea of dissertation length is so crucial for student projects. Though I always tried to follow the requirements set, considering the dissertation length, I made a mistake and wrote a 68-page paper instead of a 70-page paper. When my supervisor mentioned the importance of a dissertation length, I just forgot to make changes and submitted the project. It was returned in one week, and I had many problems with my defense. Dear writers, pay more attention to the dissertation length to succeed in writing.”

Hope these examples will help you understand how crucial the dissertation length could be!