Finding the Right Distance Learning Bachelor Degree

Finding the Right Distance Learning Bachelor Degree

Choosing the right distance learning bachelor degree program can lay the foundation for the future success of both academic and professional careers. Whether a person is pursuing a bachelor’s degree to get into a specialized field requiring further post-baccalaureate education, or to qualify to enter a position as soon as they graduate, informed selection is the key to success.

The Fine Points to Consider

A clear focus will keep the student motivated throughout the rigorous requirements of the program, but a school with the right support system is just as important. Although students come to an online degree program for the flexibility to study around a busy work or home schedule, as with any school, the quality of education needs to be considered.

To begin with, research each professor teaching within the chosen department, and compare their credentials to those of a highly ranked university with the same program. They should be very close, with doctoral level education where necessary, and master’s level at the minimum.

After this requirement is experience. Are these dedicated professors? How much time have they spent researching and teaching in this field? Up to date, in depth knowledge of a particular specialty translates directly to student success in, and out of the classroom, virtual or not.

Take a tour of the online program. Most universities offer a sample experience so the student can understand how their online classrooms operate. The lecture should be easy to follow and accessible at any time.

What about student assistance? The greatest advantage of the distance learning education is the speed of email and the internet. If professors or staff are slow in responding to your questions before you start the program, it may be a sign of what is to come.

Choices Abound

Unless the desired program requires extensive lab work or clinical hours, it is easy to find a reputable school offering the specialty online. In fact, many schools offer engineering, nursing, and fine art degrees online, developing practical ways for the student to gain the necessary hands on experience. With so many options available however, it pays to examine each school thoroughly.

The final choice must be an accredited degree program, and be able to accommodate advanced level education if need be. Search schools such as Kaplan, University of Phoenix, Argosy, and Ashford who have focused specifically on distance education.

These are just a handful of the many educational institutions to choose from. Do the research, and settle only for the best in the chosen degree.